Student Panel: What did you do last summer? Nov. 12 @12:30 PM on Zoom

The Mathematics Department Virtual Student Colloquium Series will present talks by Bucknell Students Thursday, November 12 at 12:30 PM on Zoom! Students will discuss “What Did You do Last Summer?”

The panel will feature

  • Kaitlin Bonacci ’21 – technology consulting at Ernst & Young
  • Jack de la Parra ’22 – REU on sports analytics at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Claudia Shrefler ’21 – analytics internship at Geisinger
  • Callie Valenti ’21 – internship at Goldman Sachs as a global investment analyst
  • Sarah McDougall ’21 – REU on ”Data Science Across Disciplines” at Marquette University
and will be moderated by Brendan Matthys ’21.

Abstract: There are many exciting summer opportunities for students in the mathematical sciences! These range from internships in financial companies, to research experiences at other universities, to leadership development programs, and more! A panel of your peers will tell you their experiences. What did they enjoy? When did they apply? There will also be ample time for questions and answers. These varied opportunities, as well as being terrific fun, are also immensely valuable as you begin to think about your careers after Bucknell!

Zoom Link:

Video: (Bucknell login required)


All the panelists shared their contact details for those with follow-up questions:

  • Kaitlin Bonacci:
  • Jack de la Parra: Sludes
  • Sarah McDougall:
  • Claudia Shrefler:
  • Callie Valenti:, 203-249-8095