“From the Bridges of Königsberg to Data Analysis” at noon on Thursday 11/21 in Olin 268

Student Colloquium talk by Professor Chris Johnson, Bucknell University

Abstract:  The Prussian city of Königsberg once contained four land masses connected by a series of bridges, and citizens of the city would sometimes ponder the following simple puzzle: is it possible to walk through the city crossing each bridge exactly once?  In analyzing this question, Leonhard Euler noted that the most important feature was how the bridges connected the land masses to one another.  Understanding “connectedness” is one part of a branch of mathematics called topology, and in this talk I will give an overview of a few particular topological ideas.  Beginning with Euler’s nearly 300 year old analysis of the bridges of Königsberg puzzle and ending with some recent developments concerning the shape of a data set, we will see that topological tools can have surprising applications.

“What Did You Do Last Summer?” at noon on Thursday 11/7 in Olin 268

The Mathematics Department Student Colloquium Series will present talks by Bucknell Students this Thursday, November 7 at 12:00 PM in Olin 268. Moderator will be Hannah Bokma ’20 where students will discuss “What Did You do Last Summer?”

Hannah Bokma ’20 – teaching intern, Breakthrough Houston
Elise Covert ’20 – data analytics, American Institute for Research
Mady Lawrence ’21 – data analytics, Highmark Health
Phil Thompson ’20 – financial sales and business development intern, IHS Market

Abstract: There are many exciting summer opportunities for students in the mathematical sciences! These range from internships in financial companies to research experiences at other universities to leadership development programs. In this week’s colloquium, a panel of your peers will tell you their experiences. What did they enjoy about their experiences? When did they apply? There will also be ample time for questions and answers. These varied opportunities, as well as being terrific fun, are also immensely valuable as you begin to think about your careers after Bucknell.