“An introduction to aperiodic tilings” – Colloquium by Prof. Scott Schmieding; Thursday Feb 1. at Noon in Olin 268

Bucknell Mathematics Student Colloquium Series

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024 | Noon-12:50PM | Olin 268

An introduction to aperiodic tilings
Presented by Scott Schmieding, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Penn State University

ABSTRACT: An aperiodic tiling is a pattern that, despite looking like it may repeat, never actually does. They have been a subject of considerable interest, especially in connection with materials called quasicrystals discovered in the 1980’s. In this talk we’ll give a light introduction to their mathematical structure, including how to construct some.

Poster for "an introduction to aperiodic tilings" talk. Contains day/time information as well as a picture of Scott Schmieding and the abstract for the talk.