Mathy Art Contest

Bucknell’s 1st Mathy Art Contest. Mathematics and art go together like chips and salsa, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and orange and blue. If you agree, enter this contest! If you disagree, let us prove you wrong!
• All forms of art welcome including drawing, painting, coloring, sculpture, origami, poetry, creative writing, and the performing arts.
• Only requirement: your submission has some mathematical element, anything from a simple pattern to an Escher-esque hyperbolic plane.
• All members of the broader Bucknell community are welcome to contribute, including local residents, children of Bucknellians, etc.
• Winners in various categories will be by popular vote of the community at a future event. Prizes: e+1 plus great acclaim.
• Deadline: Labor Day, September 6. Send your submissions to or drop off in Olin 380.


Welcome and Welcome Back Meet & Greet

Welcome and welcome back from the Mathematics Department to our majors and fellow math and stat enthusiasts!

Come say hello to Math. Dept. faculty & meet fellow students
Play outdoor games & pick up a welcome back pack

Tuesday, August 24
Olin Science Quad
(outside main doors of Olin)

Rain date Tues. Aug. 31, 4:00-5:30

Image of a hippo forming the hypotenuse of a right triangle with side label "hippopotenuse"