Mathematics Alumni Panel: 9/30 at 12:10pm in Dana 113

Pizza will served at 11:40


Hear advice and perspectives from Bucknell alumni who will reflect on the value of their mathematics degree and speak about their various career paths. The conversation will include a question and answer period and an opportunity to meet and network with the panelists.

See this flyer with the full panel details.

“What Makes Neural Networks So Expressive, and What Could Make Them Smaller,” 12:10 on 9/16 in Holmes 116

Presented by
Thiago Serra

Department of Analytics and Operations Management

School of Management – Bucknell University

Thursday, September 16

Abstract: Neural networks have been successfully applied to complex predictive modeling tasks in areas such as computer vision and natural language processing. On the one hand, they have been shown to be a very powerful mathematical modeling tool.  On the other hand, we may still need an unreasonably large neural network in order to obtain a predictive model with good accuracy in many cases. How can we reconcile those two facts?

Pizza served at 11:40 in terrace Holmes 327.

“The Slice is Right”, 12:10 pm on 9/2 in Dana 113

Student Colloquium Talk by Professor Jen Berg.

Abstract: Have you ever wondered about ways to divide cake, chores, or rent among your friends fairly? There are many mathematical notions of fairness for you to consider! In this talk, we’ll explore an envy-free division, that is, one in which each person feels they received the best share. In particular, this means no person will want anyone else’s share more than their own. Better still, the approach we’ll discuss is algorithmic, or comes with a set of steps you can always follow, to help ensure you feel your slice is right! 

Pizza will be provided outside of Dana 113 at 11:40am, the talk will start at 12:10pm!