Do I have an artifact in my data? Colloquium by Professor Wendelin Wright, 3/24 at 12:00pm

Mathematics Department Student Colloquium Series

PIZZA SERVED from 11:30 -11:55    in front of Hislop Family Auditorium


“Do I have an artifact in my data? The challenges of acquiring high fidelity data at high rates of acquisition”

Presented by

Professor Wendelin Wright – Bucknell University
Heinemann Family Professor in Engineering, and Professor of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering

Thursday, March 24, 2022

12:00 P.M.        HOLMES HALL – 116 Hislop Family Auditorium

Abstract: I have spent much of my career measuring small, fast features in mechanical test data for a class of materials known as metallic glasses. These are non-crystalline metals that show unusually high strengths and hardnesses but limited ductilities due to the occurrence of a microstructural phenomenon known as shear banding. Since understanding and manipulating shear banding is key to utilizing these materials in applications, I seek to measure shear band propagation using a variety of test techniques at rates up to 100 kHz. In this talk, I will demonstrate some of the pitfalls that can result when acquiring data if the signals are not measured using the proper instrumentation or at sufficiently high rates. I will also discuss some of the strategies we have developed to determine whether the behavior we are capturing is real.