“That’s So Random!” – Colloquium by Prof. Keegan Kang; Thursday Aug. 31 at Noon in Olin 268

Bucknell Mathematics Student Colloquium Series

Thurs, Aug. 31 | Noon-12:50PM  | Olin 268

That’s So Random!
Presented by Keegan Kang, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Bucknell University

ABSTRACT: Think of a large number N. Now imagine you and your friends each picking a random number between 0 and N. Can these random numbers be used meaningfully? Surprisingly, yes! 
We will discuss how we can use statistics to get an approximation to computationally difficult problems, and show how such randomness can be used in web search and plagiarism detection.

Arrive early for Free Pizza!

poster containing an picture of professor kang along with the title and abstract of the talk