“Using Maths to Save The World”, Colloquium by Prof. Helen Greatrex; Thurs. Sept 15 at noon in Olin 268

Bucknell Mathematics Student Colloquium Series

Thurs, Sept. 15 | Noon-12:50PM  | Olin 268

Using Maths to Save The World
presented by Helen Greatrex, Professor of Geography and Statistics, Penn State University

ABSTRACT: Droughts kill thousands of people each year, especially in countries like Somalia where there is conflict and very little water to start off with.  Humanitarian experts often have to decide which places need the most help and alongside working with local communities, they also have to know how much rain has fallen. But how do you map rainfall in places where it’s too dangerous to gather data from weather-stations? Or in the vast spaces where we don’t have any weather stations at all?  
We turn to satellites! In this colloquium, we will chat about how simple mathematics can turn “space-photos” into useful weather information, and what happens when different satellites disagree…
Arrive early for free pizza!